Dr. Anita Nandi

Postdoctoral Researcher Team: Global Malaria Epidemiology


Anita is a postdoctoral research scientist using geospatial statistics to study malaria epidemiology. Her focus is on the disaggregation of administrative level malaria case data to pixel level estimates of disease risk. This methodology is of particular importance in areas of low malaria prevalence where typical parasite surveys are uninformative.

Anita did her PhD in particle physics at the University of Oxford, where she studied matter-antimatter asymmetry in B meson decays using data from the LHCb experiment at CERN in Switzerland. These studies involved analysing large amounts of data from collisions of protons, optimising selection methods to isolate specific decays, as well as developing complex models using simultaneous extended maximum likelihood PDFs in order to make accurate measurements of these decays.