Daniel Pfeffer

DPhil Student Team: PHD Students


Daniel is a visiting PhD student, completing a PhD with the Menzies School of Health Research - Charles Darwin University, Australia - under the supervision of Professor Ric Price. His project examines the impact of individual and population-level variation in G6PD deficiency on the radical cure of Plasmodium vivax. Daniel collaborates closely on MAP’s G6PD deficiency data gathering project and is co-supervised by MAP’s Dr Rosalind Howes.

Selected Biography

URLDOIPfeffer, DA., Lucas TCD., May, D., Harris, J., Rozier J., Twohig, KA., Dalrymple, U., Guerra, CA., Moyes CL., Thorn, M, Nguyen M., Bhatt S., Cameron, E., Weiss DJ., Howes RE., Battle KE., Gibson HS., Gething PW.,

malariaAtlas: an R interface to global malariometric data hosted by the Malaria Atlas Project

Malaria Journal. October 2018 17 352.