Dr. Michele Nguyen

Postdoctoral Researcher Team: Global Malaria Epidemiology


As a post-doctoral research scientist in Geospatial Epidemiology, Michele uses Spatio-temporal Modelling and other statistical techniques as she works with other MAP scientists to produce global estimates of malaria burden. In 2017, she completed her PhD in Statistics at the Department of Mathematics in Imperial College London. Her PhD focused on the theoretical properties, as well as simulation and statistical inference methods for fundamental classes of ambit fields. Ambit fields are a group of non-Gaussian Spatio-temporal random fields which were motivated by turbulence modelling. Michele’s current research interests include Spatio-temporal Statistics and Statistical Epidemiology. She contributes to the ongoing development and implementation of spatio-temporal modelling infractructure in MAP.

Selected Biography

URLNguyen M., Veraart A.E.D., Modelling spatial heteroskedasticity by volatility modulated moving averages. Spatial Statistics. 2017 20 148-190.
URLNguyen M., Veraart A.E.D., Spatio-temporal Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes: theory, simulation and statistical inferences. Journal of Statistics. 2015 44(1): 46-80.